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Insurance Almanac (2014) – Top list

This year the INSURANCE ALMANAC (2014) was published for the sixth time, which is the only yearbook in the field of insurance in Hungary. This year we are ranking 33rd on the TOP LIST of the Hungarian brokerage market, which position evidences our commitment to the insurance profession.

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The employees of our company are extremely knowledgeable in the insurance market, having previously been important players in the chain of business activities at other large insurance companies, and especially in the field of agricultural insurance. The services shown on our website are recommended by our colleagues with great business skills and practical experience in insurance.

The company is developing on a permanent basis, it plays a significant role in the insurance market and leads the agricultural insurance sector. Our goal is to be among the 30 best broker companies in the community of approximately 400 insurance companies currently active in Hungary, with high standard services offered to our customers…

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What we offer:

Risk analysis, competitive bidding

Risk assessment, risk management

Traditional and new insurance services

Mediating corporate and individual insurance

Claim representation





Agricultural Insurance

Agricultural Insurance

  • Crop insurance /traditional and subsidised insurance/
    • Damage caused by acts of God
    • Special insurance
  • Livestock
  • Property insurance
  • Liability insurance

Home Insurance

Home Insurance

  • Condominium insurance
  • Detached house insurance
  • Terraced house insurance
  • Flat insurance
  • Holiday home insurance
  • Other insurance

Motor Vehicle Insurance

Motor Vehicle Insurance

(Single vehicles and fleet)

  • Compulsory liability insurance
  • Casco