Agrikusz Agrár Alkusz Zrt.


Last modified: 29-10-2015


The incorporation of our company was forced by the developments in the insurance market. The employees of our company are extremely knowledgeable in the insurance market, having previously been important players in the chain of business activities at other large insurance companies, and especially in the field of agricultural insurance. The services shown on our website are recommended by our colleagues with great business skills and practical experience in insurance.

The company is developing on a permanent basis, it plays a significant role in the insurance market and leads the agricultural insurance sector. Our goal is to be among the 30 best broker companies in the community of approximately 400 insurance companies currently active in Hungary, with high standard services offered to our customers.

Following a competitive tendering, during which we compare the offers from several insurance companies, we recommend the best insurance option to our customers, for which our customers do not pay an additional service fee. We guarantee to offer you quality services with the Head of Service Support Department, and we provide active assistance to our customers in insurance claim settlements.

Insurance options for private individuals, such as motor vehicle insurance (compulsory liability insurance, casco insurance), home insurance, property insurance, travel insurance and life insurance options, are now also offered by our broker company, and we strive to provide excellent service to our customers in this sector as well.

In September 2015 we obtained the necessary official authorisation to offer cross-border brokerage deals in Romania and Slovakia as well. The conclusion of cooperation agreements with various insurance companies is in progress. We will reliably be at our customers’ disposition abroad, too, offering the same high standard services currently available in Hungary.

Agrikusz Agrár Alkusz Kft.” (Agrikusz Agrarian Brokers Ltd) was founded by the members’ meeting held on 16 April 2010. The company selected the “heavy industry” of insurance business, that is the agricultural sector, as its main activity; of course it also provides insurance to all segments of the insurance market.

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