Agricultural Insurance

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Agricultural Insurance

Agricultural producers face a series of risks that jeopardize their income and prosperity; such risk factors are mostly related to weather, animal diseases and market conditions.

Agricultural insurance is a basic risk management tool used by producers in order to cover their financial liability arising out of natural disasters, effect payments to credit institutions and finance the supply of input materials used during production, or produce/purchase seeds for the following year. Without an efficient and affordable insurance, the agricultural sector may suffer from a series of unwanted events generated by a significant loss of produce (loss of jobs, bankruptcy of companies related to agricultural production, etc.).

If your livelihood or the revenue of your company is dependent upon land, you will know – better than anyone – what it means to be exposed to the elements beyond your control. Ever since humankind invented agriculture, the quality and quantity of crops have been dependent on actual weather conditions. Although producers must face the impacts of natural disasters even today, a well-chosen agricultural insurance may protect them from the majority of negative consequences.

Main types of agricultural insurance

Crop insurance /traditional and subsidised insurance/
  • Damage caused by acts of God
    • Hail
    • Fire
    • Storm
    • Winter/spring frost
  • Special insurance
    • Sandstorm
    • Flood and/or drought
    • Early autumn frost
  • Coverage for damages caused by acts of God
  • Accident and disease insurance
  • Special livestock insurance
Property insurance
  • Agricultural assets insurance (fire and acts of God)
  • Glass breakage insurance
  • Burglary, theft and robbery insurance
  • Greenhouse insurance
  • Foil insurance
  • Machine breakage insurance
  • Cargo insurance
  • Special assets insurance
Liability insurance
  • General liability insurance
  • Employer liability insurance
  • Chemical users liability insurance
  • Product liability insurance

Following a competitive tendering, during which we compare the offers from several insurance companies, we recommend the best agricultural insurance option to our customers, for which our customers do not pay an additional service fee. We will help you find the agricultural insurance option that is most suitable for you.

Please contact our brokers. The employees of our company are extremely knowledgeable in the insurance market, having previously been important players in the chain of business activities at other large insurance companies, and especially in the field of agricultural insurance.

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