Motor Vehicle Insurance

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Last modified: 26-10-2015


Motor Vehicle Insurance

Following a competitive tendering, during which we compare the offers from several insurance companies, we recommend the best motor vehicle insurance option to our customers, for which our customers do not pay an additional service fee.

Compulsory liability insurance



Compulsory liability insurance for motor vehicles – “KGFB”

Pursuant to the applicable laws, every motor vehicle operator must take out a third party liability insurance. At the turn of each year you may take out your “KGFB” motor vehicle liability insurance from a different insurance company, and thus – with a minimum fatigue – you can have an insurance with the most favourable premium.


As opposed to motor vehicle liability insurance, CASCO indemnity insurance covers breakage caused by the driver’s own fault, acts of God, and theft. CASCO insurance coverage may be combined with other insurance products in many different ways, therefore everyone can find the Casco product providing optimal coverage for them.


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